In Which Countries Is CBD Oil Legal?

With each passing day, more and more benefits of cannabinoids are being discovered. CBD oil has been known to have a lot of health benefits, yet its legality is still largely controversial. While some countries have frowned at the use of Cannabis, even for health or recreational purposes, others accept this innovative wellness practice. Here are some countries where CBD oil is legal.


CBD oil is legal in Canada for both medical and recreational use. Due to the Cannabis Act of 2018, the cultivation and sales of all cannabinoids are legal.

cbd oil legal in canada

In Canada, CBD oil is sold following a doctor’s prescription, and other CBD-related products can be gotten through over-the-counter purchases. It is used as a natural herb to treat various health conditions. CBD oil is used to treat anxiety, depression and acts as a chronic pain reliever, amongst others. It has become an accepted form of medication in Canada.


In 2017, the use of CBD oils and other related products was legalized in Mexico. Since CBD is used to treat various medical conditions, Mexico is one country where the sales and use of CBD are legal. CBD has grown to be a useful resource in the Mexican pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Hence, Mexico is taking steps to become a global key player when it comes to the production and sales of CBD oils and products.

South Africa

South Africa in 2019 made a temporary decision to legalize the sale of CBD oil. Since CBD oil is becoming a major medical supplement for the treatment of various health issues, its distribution has been legalized in the country. However, not more than 20mg of CBD oils and products are allowed to be sold or used. Still, people can now access CBD oils from pharmacies and local stores in the country. South Africa is one of the few African countries that have legalized the sales of CBD-related products.


At the beginning of 2021, French National Assembly published a report to ask for more flexibility in the regulation of growing the French CBD market. Unlike other European countries with strict rules concerning Cannabis, CBD oil is legal in France. The sales of CBD for medical, research, and recreational use are highly authorized. Although legal, certain rules are guiding the purchase of CBD oils. Only CBD oils with 0% THC are authorized to be sold. If it contains a high quantity of THC, then it is considered a narcotic product and is illegal.


Germany was one of the earliest agitators for the legalization of CBD. They are considered one of the most progressive when it comes to the production and distribution of Cannabis. Hence, the distribution and use of CBD oils and other related products are completely legal in the country. However, sales of raw CBD plants aren’t allowed. CBD oils for medical uses based on a doctor’s prescription are completely easy. If you’re purchasing CBD for recreational purposes, then you might have some legal difficulties attaining it.

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