Health Canada Proposes Nicotine Cap

Health Canada proposed a nicotine cap at 20mg in vaping products. This move was made after Nova Scotia and British Columbia started implementing caps in their provinces. These two provinces also prohibited non-tobacco flavors. The aim of this nicotine cap is to prevent teens from vaping. During the 75-day listening period, the public can express what they think about the proposal.

At present, vaping products are allowed to have 66 mg nicotine content. Health Canada was alarmed by the increase in the number of youth vaping in Canada. According to David Hammond’s report, the increase in vaping youth reaches 11% just in the past 2 years. The study states that nicotine salts are likely to be blamed for this increase and that teens have become more dependent on nicotine because of the availability of nicotine products in the market.

If the cap were implemented, vaping products with more than 20mg nicotine levels would be prohibited. On the other hand, even though Nova Scotia also imposed taxes of $0.50 on every ml of e-juice sold, the provinces experienced an increase in combustible cigarette sales. Drs. Niaura and Abrams also argued that the cap would probably fail since smokers who weren’t satisfied are likely to turn to combustible cigarettes.

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