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An Open Letter from the Canadian Vaping Association Director

Daryl Tempest, the Canadian Vaping Association Director, wrote an open letter for the federal government as it continuously attacked the vapers in the country. He argued that e-cigarettes should be viewed as a tool that can help reduce potential harm and a tool that can help people who want to quit smoking.
On the other hand, Tempest agreed that vaping among teens should be prevented. He said that the vaping industry does not support underage vaping. He said that he supports education and training that will prevent teens from using e-cigarettes, but adult smokers shouldn’t be affected.
He criticized Health Canada for …

Virginia Lawmakers Votes in Favor of the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

The legislature of Virginia voted in favor of the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state. They plan to begin its sale by the year 2024. Back in 2015, the state attempted to remove the criminal penalties for those who possessed a small amount of marijuana but failed. After 5 years, they started working again towards its legislation by introducing HB 972, reducing the penalties for simple marijuana possession.
Before HB 972 was passed, a fine of $500 and up to 30-days of jail time was imposed on the violators. HB 972 was then followed by SB 2 that decriminalized marijuana possession. With SB 2, the records of the people …

Nicotine Salt – Does It Have Any Positive Effect?

Are you looking for a cigarette alternative with lesser harmful chemical levels? If so, then nicotine salt might just be the one you are looking for. A study states that it has lesser chemical content as compared to cigarettes.
Nicotine salts are known to be highly concentrated yet smooth to hit. They were originally developed for specific devices and users only, typically for those who want a full-strength hit while using a small pod. This means that not every Vaper will enjoy the experience that it brings. The sensation that nicotine salt brings has a close resemblance to a combustible cigarette.
A total of 186 people …