An Open Letter from the Canadian Vaping Association Director

Daryl Tempest, the Canadian Vaping Association Director, wrote an open letter for the federal government as it continuously attacked the vapers in the country. He argued that e-cigarettes should be viewed as a tool that can help reduce potential harm and a tool that can help people who want to quit smoking.

On the other hand, Tempest agreed that vaping among teens should be prevented. He said that the vaping industry does not support underage vaping. He said that he supports education and training that will prevent teens from using e-cigarettes, but adult smokers shouldn’t be affected.

He criticized Health Canada for misleading the public about vaping, although they acknowledged that vaping is less harmful than smoking. He said that there were no severe fatalities but only a handful of lung illness cases related to vaping in Canada. Despite this fact, some provinces have started implementing flavor bans.

To end the letter, he said that the government shouldn’t forget that smoking takes the lives of millions of Canadians every year and that the fatality rate of smokers is double that of Covid 19 and drug overdose cases combined. He wishes that his letter will serve as a wake-up call for the government to change its views about the vaping industry.

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