The Effects of Nicotine Buzz on Your Body

If you are a new smoker or you started smoking again, then there is a high chance for you to experience the so-called nicotine buzz. You may or may not notice it. So, what are its effects on your body, and why do you experience it?

When you take nicotine, regardless of what method you use, it gets to your brain. It attaches itself to “acetylcholine” receptors. These receptors are the ones that control your dopamine levels. When dopamine is released, then that’s the time you start to feel the nicotine buzz.

When nicotine buzz hits you, you would feel pleasurable sensations. You would also feel relaxed and in a euphoric mode. Your body would also feel energized, and you would experience an increase in your heart rate. Your level of alertness and concentration would also increase.

On the other hand, your appetite would decrease, and your skin’s temperature would drop. Some people also experience lightheadedness, nausea, and irritation. Nicotine also triggers androgen and adrenal hormones that affect your body’s glucose level, possibly leading to hyperglycemia.

Will the buzz disappear? Yes, if you continuously take nicotine. The reason behind this is because your system weakens. Hence, your body’s ability to feel pleasure decreases as well. Also, the pleasure that smoking gives only lasts for a few seconds.

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