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100% American made premium e-liquid
(Please see bottom of page for brand specifics)

Please Note: This product ships with a 10ml Flavour Concentrate and a 20ml bottle of Base (PG/VG). Add the 10ml flavour Kicker to the bottle of 20ml base and shake vigorously.

Our e-liquid is bottled very fresh. We recommended opening your e-liquid once mixed, and letting it sit to adjust to room temperature. If you wish, allowing the
e-liquid to "steep" will develop the flavor further - just let the bottle sit open for 24-48 hours before vaping. To get the best flavor this e-liquid needs to be at room temperature. It will continue to "mature" as it adjusts to the atomizer and air. The taste will also increase the more it is vaped as the flavor builds on the atomizer. Always shake well before use. It is not recommended to store your e-liquid in a refrigerator unless it will not be used for a long time. Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.