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Decoded - Big Foot

Exquisite spongy mini doughnuts lightly dusted with sugar!
75% VG 25% PG

Decoded - Area 51

Area 51 combines three tropical fruits, mango, lychee and papaya. This E-liquid will give you an out of this planet experience!
75% VG 25% PG

Decoded - Atlantis

Sink yourself in this intriguing flavour made of Pineapple Blueberry and Guava.
75% VG 25% PG

Decoded - Loch Ness

Submerge yourself in this Peach & Cream Yogurt E-liquid.
75% VG 25%PG

Decoded - Davinci Code

This Butter Pecan Brullee vape is perfect to take a break and enjoy it while trying to get all the flavour in it. Nothing to crack here!
75% VG 25% PG

Decoded - Rongorongo

This refreshing vape will take you to a mistic and unknown place with a Strawberry Cucumber Citrus blend.
75% VG 25% PG