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MEO - French Toast + Milk

Sweet and buttery with a custard finish, topped with a glass of milk. French toast, straight up.

VG 80/ PG 20

MEO - Crunch + Milk

A mouthful of your favorite cereal, soggy with sugary milk.

VG 80/ PG 20

MEO - Crisp + Milk

Sugar crisp cereal, puffed wheat, and sugar molasses.

VG 80/ PG 20

MEO - Carrot Cake + Frosting

A traditional carrot cake with light frosting.

VG 80/ PG 20

MEO - Amazing Apple

A tarte, sweet Apple with hints of other juicy Apples. A true Apple flavour.

VG 80/ PG 20

MEO - Fried Dough

Remember going to the local fair and watching donuts being pushed out hot and fresh from the fryer. If not this new meo e-liquid will. Fried dough is exactly as its name describes. It is a deep fried doughnut sprinkled with just enough cinnamon for a sugary finish that's spot on. Pair this with your morning coffee or evening tea and make your vape breaks all the more worthwhile.

MEO - Green Tea

A refreshing green lemon iced tea.

MEO - Puffs

Delectable chocolate covered graham cookie, filled with a sweet and tart raspberry jelly topped marshmallow.

70% VG/30% PG