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Welcome to The World of Vaping

It breaks our hearts that many people were turned-off of vaping, only because they bought a poor quality kit or one that didn't fit their needs well. We know that a person's first experience with vaping is important in determining whether they make the change or give up right from the start. That is why, at Happy Vaper we want to do whatever we can to make your first experience a success!

Here are a few pointers we wish we had received before purchasing our first kit:

  • Getting a good quality kit that matches your needs and lifestyle is essential to being sucessful.
  • Knock-offs...buyer beware! Just cause it's called an eGo doesn't mean it will perform like a Genuine Joyetech eGo.
  • If it seems cheap, it probably is.
  • Happy Vaper is very particular about the products we carry. We only carry quality electronic cigarettes that perform!

Batteries, batteries, batteries!

  • Good quality kits contain regulated batteries which provide consistent performance from the beginning to the end of a charge, instead of getting weaker as you use them.
  • Battery size is a key consideration when choosing a kit. It determines:
    1. How long an ecig can go between charges.
    2. How large/small the device will be.
  • Your kit should make charging conveniently fit into your lifestyle. Do you need a long runtime? Do you need extra batteries, a second charger or a car adapter? Would it be helpful to charge it on-the-go with a Personal Charging Kit (PCC), so you always have one battery charging while you're using the other? It is important to have a simple plan for where and when you will charge your batteries. Walking around with an ecig that won't vape is VERY frustrating.
  • Certain kinds of accessories, like Low Resistance atomizers & cartomizers that provide a strong "throat hit", will wear down smaller batteries quickly.

Choosing the right starter kit for YOU makes a huge difference

  • You are unique! That's why Happy Vaper offers so many choices and options.
  • Check out our most popular kits. Or, better yet, let us help! Use our Live Chat/Contact Us button at the bottom of your screen, or email us at You can also give us a call at 1-888-696-3697. We're Happy to select and customize a kit with you.
  • As your needs evolve, Happy Vaper will be here with the products and options you need and the expertise to support you.

I want it to taste like a cigarette.

  • Pretty much every vaper starts with this same desire. It never, ever lasts.
  • Once you've been vaping for a week or two, most people start to enjoy other flavours.
  • Many people continue to enjoy tobacco flavours. However, tobacco flavours are more like the smell of a newly opened pack of cigarettes or a bag of pipe tobacco, rather than a burning cigarette.
  • Many people find they really like fruit flavours like apple, blueberry and strawberry.
  • Others enjoy sweet, dessert flavours like a cinnamon danish.

Vaping (using an electronic cigarette) is not the same as smoking.

  • A bit of expertise from a pro can make a big difference.
  • Happy Vaper's customer care team stays with you every step of the way.
  • We make sure you have the tips and tricks to get the most out of your kit.
  • With Live Chat on the website, email and phone we're here to answer questions.

Here's a 6 minute introduction to vaping that shows you a variety of devices and how they work:

We're glad you're considering vaping and we want to do everything we can to make your experience a success. Let us know if there's anything we can do to support you, that's what we do!

Happy Vaping from the Team at HV!