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Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals and carcinogens which are inhaled through the mouth in the form of smoke and absorbed into the body, causing health problems of which we are all aware. Second-hand smoke has been shown to be detrimental to those around smokers, resulting in social stigma for those addicted to cigarettes, even from their own homes.

The vapor produced from e-cigarettes, on the other hand, is relatively harmless, consisting of four components and no known carcinogens. Second-hand vapor carries a pleasant aroma and dissipates quickly, with far less risk to bystanders.

It is truly a wise and rewarding switch. The health benefits are remarkable, as reported by the employees of Happy Vaper and former smokers around the world.

We do not recommend vaping to anyone who is not a smoker. As great as vaping can be, there is nothing better than fresh air.

There are 4 basic components to an electronic cigarette. While there are several variations of these components from different manufacturers, we have created a few builds that work together and that we recommend to beginners.

Click on any one of these to go right to the section describing it in further detail and for our recommendations on which product to purchase.

Each section also includes a list of terms that you'll come across while shopping for that part which may be unfamiliar.

Any time you're ready to shop for your starter kit, click here to get started.

The Battery

– provides power to heat up the coil inside your tank, which vaporizes your e-liquid.

The Tank

(a.k.a. Cartomizer / Clearomizer)

– contains the liquid that is heated into vapor.

The Coil

(a.k.a. Head)

– directly connects to both the battery and the liquid, which heats and creates vapor.


– the source of the flavour and vapour that stands in for smoke in an e-cigarette.

Additionally, these sections follow at the bottom of the page:

What Else Do I Need?

– accessories to enhance your vaping experience.

Before and After Purchase

– some tips regarding considerations to make in choosing the right e-cigarette for you, use of your new e-cigarette and keeping it in working order.

Links for Further Reading

– links to sites with a plethora of articles by fellow users and professionals.

If you prefer speaking to someone instead of reading, feel free to use our live chat support from 10am-3pm and 7pm-10pm Monday to Friday.

You may also call us from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday at 1-888-696-3697, or send an email anytime to



The battery provides power to heat up the coil inside your tank, which vaporizes your e-liquid.

There are 3 types of batteries we recommend:


Bloog MaxxFusion Mini PCC Starter Kit

  • Lightweight design
  • Looks like a cigarette
  • Convenient and easy to use

  • Expensive over time (in comparison to other options, but still cheaper than cigarettes.)

  • Recommended to "social smokers" or casuals.
  • Short battery life means it won't last long enough to meet heavier demands, but to those who don't need that, the design and convenience makes it the closest thing in terms of physical feel to a cigarette.
  • Purchase if you smoke moreso for the habit than the addiction.


Happy Ego 1100 mAh Spinner Battery

  • Only slightly larger than a cigarette
  • Adjustable power settings
  • Highly compatible with other products.

  • Slightly outdated
  • Average vapor production
  • Average flavor.

  • Proven and true, the majority of "veterans" in this industry have started with one of these.
  • Functionality and simplicity shine through for this battery, but nowadays there are more advanced products for the same price range.


eLeaf iStick 20W Express Kit

  • Maximum performance while being beginner friendly
  • Adjustable settings with digital screens.
  • Higher power output, long battery life
  • Built in safety features
  • Variety within several different kinds.

  • Don't quite resemble cigarettes anymore
  • Prices range from affordable to premium.

  • Between affordability and wide selection, many people have chosen to skip the aforementioned battery types and go straight to this one.



Disposable, ready-to-use e-cigarettes in a wide variety of flavours for sale in gas stations and convenience stores have made the devices visible to a wider population, but we don’t recommend using them for the following reasons:

Battery life is negligible and cannot be recharged. Not refillable once juice has been drained. Lack of customization for user preferences. No guarantees on parts or liquid (i.e. quality; place of manufacture; personal, consistent support for users). Not compatible with premium device threading.


Highly customizable and much more powerful, Mods are not recommended for beginners because they require knowledge in battery safety and advanced techniques.

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When choosing your battery, you may see some unfamiliar terms.

  • mAh refers to the amount of energy the battery can store; this translates into how long it will last when it is being used regularly.
    • The lower this number, the more often it will need to be charged.
    • Larger mAh numbers tend to mean physically larger batteries as well.

  • VV stands for "Variable Voltage", meaning that the amount of power being sent to the coil to heat your juice can be adjusted to suit your preference.
    • More heat equals more vapor, and can often bring out flavours in liquid that otherwise tasted dull or lacking.
    • "Spinner" and "Twist" batteries have a rotating ring on the end that adjust the voltage (or in some cases the wattage). Newer devices with LCD displays use buttons instead of a ring.

  • A Passthrough is a device that can be charged while being used.
    • Most passthroughs are only functional this way and not on their own, but some models of standard batteries use removable USB cords instead of a screw-type charger.

  • eGo, 510, and KR8 are three common types of threading for e-cigarettes.
    • 510 is currently the standard, with eGo a close second.
      • Atomizers/cartomizers/clearomizers with a 510 thread will screw on to eGo batteries, but not the other way around.

    • KR8 is most commonly found on cig-alike models and is not compatible with 510 or eGo without an adapter.

    When looking for chargers, atomizers, cartomizers, or clearomizers, the threading type must match your battery’s in order for them to work together. (Adapters are available, but it’s easiest to just keep your threading type in mind when shopping.)

  • Manual batteries require a button to be pushed in order to heat the coil; Automatic batteries are activated when the user sucks on the mouthpiece. It is now fairly rare to find automatic batteries except in cig-alike kits.

So now that we’ve looked at the power source, let’s move on to the part of the e-cig that holds the juice that will be turned into vapor:


(a.k.a. Cartomizers / Clearomizers)

The purpose of the tank is to contain the liquid that is heated into vapor.


Happy Vaper High Performance Blank Cartomizers

  • About the same size as a cigarette filter
  • Requires virtually no maintenance (disposable).

  • Disposable nature makes it cost more over time
  • Poor vapor production and flavor output
  • Really only intended to work with cig-alike batteries.

  • Not exactly a "tank", these cartomizers are only really intended for use with cig-alike batteries.
  • If you're leaning towards a cigalike battery this is really your best and only option.


Kangertech E-Smart 510 BCC Clearomizers 1.2ml

Aspire Nautilus Adjustable Airflow Tank System

  • Variety and customizable
  • Decent performance
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use and maintain.

  • Generally does not look like a cigarette filter
  • Requires small amount of maintenance.

  • Most recommended and used.
  • If you're picking up anything other than a cig-alike, a compatible clearomizer should go with it.

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When choosing your tank, you may see some unfamiliar terms.

  • The first clearomizers were disposable, with no replaceable parts whatsoever. Most were top-wicking, with threads of absorbent material such as cotton drawing juice from the top, near the mouthpiece, down the the coil.
    More recent improvements have given way to the following terms:
    • BCC stands for Bottom Changeable Coil and describes two functional elements:
      • This coil wicks from the bottom of the tank rather than the top.
      • When the coil wears out it can be replaced and the tank re-used instead of needing to buy an entirely new clearomizer.
    • BVC stands for Bottom Vertical Coil.
      • This distinguishes it from the coil's previous placement horizontal to the battery.
      • BVCs are also changeable.
  • Air control allows the user to control the flow of air to the coil as they inhale which makes the draw (inhalation) tighter or airier.
  • Disassemble-able means the tank can be taken entirely apart, for cleaning and/or to replace or upgrade specific pieces.
  • Clearomizers are generally constructed of high-quality plastic and metal, which are solid enough to stand up to daily vaping.
    More expensive tanks also incorporate the following in their construction for durability:
    • Stainless steel
    • Pyrex glass
      • Tanks made with glass are sometimes called Glassomizers.
      • Glass tanks are less prone to breakage from being dropped or stepped on.
      • Certain juices containing citric acid, cinnamon, or similar ingredients will cause plastic tanks to "etch" or even crack due to a reaction between the ingredient and the plastic; this reaction is not present in a glass tank.
  • Threading
    • As mentioned in the section on batteries, threading type must match your battery, although adapters do exist for virtually every combination possible.

A note on terminology:

In original models of e-cigarettes, the only available liquid delivery system was composed of two parts: An atomizer, which screwed onto the battery and contained a metal coil, and a plastic cartridge containing cotton or other absorbent material which soaked up the e-liquid. With a cartridge inserted, the coil inside the atomizer reached into the absorbent material and heated the liquid when the battery activated, vaporizing liquid through the mouthpiece of the cartridge.

These two pieces were later combined into one, named a cartomizer – a metal tube containing both coil and filler material that screwed directly on to the battery. This alteration, easier to use and with fewer parts, was far more convenient for users.

A more recent upgrade, and the current standard liquid delivery system, is the clearomizer . As the name suggests, liquid is stored in a clear glass or plastic tube in place of the cartomizer’s absorbent filler material, allowing the user to view the liquid level rather than depending on other signs that it’s time to refill. Clearomizers are fully sealed, which means less chance of leaking liquid into a bag or purse; they are usually sold with replaceable coils (as discussed in the next section), which cuts down on waste and expense.

The tank houses one of the most important parts of your setup, which is the coil.


The coil, in direct contact with both the battery and the liquid, is the component which heats and creates vapor.

The coils in a clearomizer are the only disposable part, and must be replaced regularly as they wear out with use.

They are called "heads" in the form of replacement parts for clearomizers.

Tanks usually have a corresponding coil so make sure you get the right coils for the right tank.

For example, if you had purchased the clearomizers recommended in the "Tanks" section above, you would want the following:

There are several ways to find the right one for your tank.

  • They are often found linked or mentioned in the description of the clearomizer you intend to purchase.
  • A product search in the store’s database for the clearomizer’s manufacturer and "heads" will reveal a list of items; every description page for that product lists which clearomizers they will work with.
  • A live chat representative will be happy to help you find the right coils for your tank, or to help you choose a tank with the most user-friendly coils.

Please note that in a cartomizer, the coil is permanently attached. When the coil wears out, the entire cartomizer must be replaced.

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  • Ohms are a measure of electrical resistance or how freely electricity is able to travel through something.
    • Put simply, in combination with battery voltage this number determines how hot the coil will get, thus how much heat will be transferred to the juice resulting in vapor.
  • At the new vaper stage, this knowledge will help in two situations:
    • When choosing replacement heads for your clearomizer, and multiple resistances are available.
      • Lower resistance means more power and more vapor but coils wear out more quickly and juice is vaporized faster.
      • Higher resistance means less power and less vapor but coils last longer and juice is vaporized more slowly.
    • When using cig-alikes and choosing cartomizers or atomizers, and finding both SR (standard resistance) and LR (low resistance) for sale.
      • SR, usually 2.5 ohms, will work with most cig-alike batteries.
      • LR, usually 1.8 ohms, require more powerful batteries than you may have, may short out smaller batteries, or simply not work at all.


As the source of the flavour and vapour that stands in for smoke in an e-cigarette, e-juice is arguably the most exciting part of vaping.

Hundreds of flavours are available ranging from cigarette-like tobacco to ice cream desserts. Most people start with a tobacco flavor but the need for that taste tends to dissipate, and they move on to the more flavorful fruit and beverage style e-juices.

Happy Vaper carries a wide range of juices for the new and experienced vaper alike to enjoy.

You can shop by Flavour Category

Or peruse the selections mixed by these four popular manufacturers we sell:


Happy Vaper does not provide Nicotine E-Juice. If you're looking for E-Juice that contains nicotine you may want to try our partner company JiffyNic.

Nicotine juices are sold in differing strengths measured in milligrams per milliliter.

These strengths are incremented approximately as follows:

  • 0mg (no nicotine)
  • 4mg (very mild)
  • 8mg (quite mild)
  • 12mg (mild)
  • 16mg (regular)
  • 24mg (strong)
  • 32mg (very strong)

Each vendor is slightly different, most noticeably at the highest and lowest strengths. 32mg is not usually available.

If you're a steady smoker you might want to start with a 16-18mg, as this is the closest thing to the "throat hit" and nicotine level as a cigarette. From this point you can adjust up or down according to your preference.

After a short period of time many vapers find they are able to reduce the amount of nicotine they need. After a while many go down to no Nicotine at all!

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E-Juice is made up primarily of 3 different ingredients.

All 3 are FDA approved chemicals that you can find in your food, medicines, and other household products. Chances are you're using these regularly whether you vape or not.


Also Found In:

Food, Medicine, Cosmetics, Inhalers, Preservatives, Medical Oxygen Tanks, among tons of other things.

Benefits for Ecigs:

Flavor Production, longer shelf life, thin nature of liquid makes coils last longer.

Health & Safety:

The FDA has classified PG as "Generally Recognized as Safe" as it "shows no evidence of being a carcinogen or of being genotoxic".

In rare cases some people may be unaware of their own PG allergies. In those cases 100% VG juices are available.


Also Found in:

Food, Sweeteners, Medicine, Cosmetics, Soap.

Benefits for E-Cigs:

Strong vapor production, sweet taste.

Health & Safety:

VG is used around the world in numerous products through all kinds of mediums and is considered to have an extremely low toxicity.


Ingredients used in flavourings depend on the manufacturer, but generally contain concentrated extracts from the flavour’s source, Propylene Glycol, natural and artificial sweeteners, water, and alcohol. For those with a sensitivity to PG, flavourings with a 100% VG base are available from some manufacturers as well.

These products have been around far longer than e-cigarettes, with uses ranging from scented candles to food additives, and are approved for ingestion.

Concentrated flavourings to suit any taste imaginable are available from these four popular manufacturers through Happy Vaper in various quantities:

  • Perfumer’s Apprentice
  • FlavourArt
  • Capella
  • LorAnn

Some e-juice manufacturers also make their own extracts.

Pre-mixed e-juice is prepared in a wide variety of venues ranging from home-based businesses, one bottle at a time, to large operations with facilities capable of mass quantities in a single batch. Quality can vary accordingly, although as a general rule the brands from reputable vendors – those who are transparent in their techniques, ingredients, and labeling – take pride in using only the purest ingredients and methods.

  • Throat hit refers to the sensation of smoke or vapor hitting the back of the throat.
  • When smoking a traditional cigarette, this is caused by nicotine; with e-cigarettes, propylene glycol adds to the effect.
  • PG/VG ratio is the concentration of Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerine in the mixture of e-juice.
    • Higher PG provides greater throat hit.
    • Higher VG provides more vapor but mutes the flavour.
    • Different manufacturers combine their recipes at different ratios which each claims to be the best combination for throat hit and vapor production, although each vaper has their own preference for which ratio is the best for them.
  • DIY stands for "Do It Yourself", and it's just what it sounds like - making your own e-juice.
    In nearly the same category as "Mechanical Mods", DIY is preferred by many vapers to buying pre-mixed juice because it is less expensive, flavours are customizable to the user's taste, and the process is quite simple in theory.
    However, it's not recommended for beginners as it can take a great deal of time, effort, supplies, and patience to get a satisfactory result.


Everything you need to start vaping has been listed above.

However, these accessories can keep your supplies safe, organized, and clean.



When travelling, for the day or on longer trips, your e-cigarette may get damaged from being dropped or crushed in a pocket, bag, or purse; the battery could be run down if the button is pressed up against something; it might be forgotten after being set down on a table in a new place. Cases and Lanyards both help prevent these dire consequences.


Happy eGo Carrying Case

This case will hold your assembled e-cigarette, spare battery, spare clearomizer, charger, and 10ml bottle of juice so you have everything you need.

Its semi-hard shell will protect the supplies against being dropped or knocked around inside a purse or bag.


Happy eGo Clip Lanyard

The lanyard keeps your e-cigarette close at hand so you don't have to remember where you last put it down.


Whether in use or not, when you want to keep your e-cigarettes and supplies together and organized there are plenty of stands to help do just that.

These are just two of the options.


Vapeonly Ego Holder/Stand

Holds up to 3 eGo-sized devices upright, with a very small footprint.

CupVapes (by CranieYums)

With 4 slots for e-cigarettes up to 22mm in diameter, this stand is shaped to fit into a cupholder although it can also be used on its own around the house.



If you purchase a kit, you’ll receive a charger along with it; some stand-alone batteries come with a charging cord or charger.

However, batteries purchased on their own do not include a charger, and having more than one can be useful.

Happy Ego Fast USB Charger

USB Wall Plug Adapter

2 USB Charger With Two Car Sockets

Dual USB Car Connector


Alcohol Swabs

Dripper Caps


3ml Syringe (Pack of 4)

Vegetable Glycerine

Propylene Glycol


Before buying your first e-cigarette

[some tips from the "things we wish we'd been told" section]

After your e-cigarette arrives

[some of the things Az mentioned about caring for clearomizers, etc.]


E-Cigarette Forum

E-Cigarette Forum (or ECF) has been around for about as long as e-cigarettes have. It's the largest online community of e-cigarette enthusiasts, from those considering whether to make the switch to those who've been vaping since the beginning. As such, it contains a wealth of resources: Articles, blogs, opinions, reviews, vendors, etc.

Because it's so large it can also be quite intimidating to the new user.

Here are a few of the most helpful links on the forum:

Other Sites

Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Levels – How To Manage Them For The Best Vaping Experience

The Complete Guide to E-Cig Safety

Vapegrl: Honest, newbie-friendly e-cigarette reviews and information

J-Stands by J-Wraps


Hopefully this has helped you grasp the basics to help ease you into Vaping.

If you're ready to get your first kit, click here to go to our Recommended Starter Builds page.

If you prefer speaking to someone instead of reading, feel free to use our chat support from 10am-3pm and 7pm-10pm Monday to Friday.

You may also call us from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday at 1-888-696-3697, or send an email anytime to

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Gusto Mini 900MAH Pod System Starter Kit by Aspire/Halo Gusto Mini 900MAH Pod System Starter Kit by Aspire/Halo

An amazing value, the Aspire Halo Gusto Mini features a built-in 900mAh battery and has an output wattage of 17W. The Gusto Mini is a single button operated device with an atomizer range of 1.5 ohms. This device is simple and a convenient all-in-one ultra portable system. Pods come pre-filled with 4.2ml of premium Halo E-liquids. This starter kit includes 1 pre-filled pod of Tribeca in either 6mg or 12mg.

Our Opinion: We think this is an absolutely great bang for your buck. For the price of a replacement coil, you get a fresh coil and a pre-filled tank, ready when you are!

  • 17W Continuous Power
  • 900mAh Battery
  • 1.5 ohm Atomizer
  • Solid ABS Chassis With Anodized 600 Series Aluminium Cover
  • Single Push Butoon Operation
  • Built-In Safety Features

  • 1 Gusto Mini device
  • 1 Replaceable Halo 4.2ml E-Liquid Pod (Tribeca 6mg or 12mg)
  • 2 Replaceable Mouth Pieces
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card