Received My Personal Vaporizer (PV), Now What?:

Congratulations on your purchase of the best PV on the market today.  Before you do anything, you need to charge the batteries for 8 hours before you can begin to use it.  Once the batteries are charged, take the atomizer and thread it on the battery, and take a new cartridge and place in the atomizer.  Now you are ready to vape away.  After you have charged the battery once, the manufacturer recommends charging for 3 hours.

How To Vape With My New 510 PV:

Happy 510ís come with either two manual batteries or one manual and one automatic battery (we strongly recommend the kit with two manual batteries).  The manual battery allows for a greater amount of control and you donít have to worry about cutoff times or batteries turning on because of wind or loud noises.  It is also impossible for liquid to get into the manual battery as it is closed off.  When you are ready to use the manual Happy 510, simply push the button and take a slow steady drag and enjoy the huge amount of vapor and throat hit.

A Personal Vaporizer (PV) Consists Of 3 Pieces.  Cartridge, Atomizer, and Battery:

  • Cartridge:

    The cartridge includes the mouth piece, inner cartridge, and cartridge material.  The mouth piece is the part you inhale from.  When you remove the mouth piece from the atomizer, you will see the inner cartridge and the white stuffing that the liquid goes in.   This is where you refill the cartridge.

  • Battery:

    The batteries on your PV are Lithium-Ion.  All the information you could possibly want and more can be found at http://www.batteryuniversity.com/ .   The manufacturerís suggested initial charge time is 8 hours and subsequent charges should be 3 hours.

  • Atomizer:

    The atomizer is the heating element that vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge.  Please read the maintenance section for ways to keep your atomizer clean and healthy.

Low Vapor Ė What To Do:

The most common reason for low vapor is not enough liquid in the cartridge.  If you are getting low vapor or a slight burnt taste, just remove the cartridge and drip 2-3 drops of liquid in the cartridge, and 1-2 drops directly on the atomizer.

  • Dripping:

    Dripping is when you put 1-2 drops of liquid directly on the atomizer.  This is only recommended on the batteries with the manual switch as you may get liquid in the battery with the automatic unit.  All 510ís come with two manual batteries by default.

  • Topping Of:

    Topping of is when you drip 2-3 drops onto the cartridge material.

  • Refilling Cartridges:

    This is when you completely refill a cartridge.  This is made much easier with the use of a syringes.  Happy Vaper only uses blunt needles for your safety.

How Long Does A Cart last:

Carts last anywhere from 20-60 puffs.  It really depends on how long a puff you take.  There is no cut off on the manual batteries.

How Long Does A Battery Charge Last:

A battery charge will last anywhere from 1.5-6 hours depending on how often you use the unit

Initial Bad Taste:
When you first use your PV, you may experience a not so nice taste.  This is a result of a primer fluid that the manufacturer puts in the atomizer to ensure you donít dry vape the device and harm the unit.  The primer fluid should vape off in a short period of time, and the full flavor of the liquid will come to the fore front.

Whatís In The Liquid:
Happy Vaporís liquid consists of water, propylene glycol (PG), and flavoring.  Propylene glycol is in many products that you use everyday like toothpaste, cosmetics, medicines, and foods.

What Kind Of Extras Will I Need:
Batteries and atomizers do not last forever.  They will break and if you donít want to be without your PV, it is recommended that you have spares just in case.  The good news is that all 510ís come with two batteries and two atomizers, but we recommend that you purchase an extra of each and additional cartridges (510 ships with 5 cartridges).

Why Does My Battery Blink:
When your battery needs to be charged, it will blink a few times.

Why Should I Buy A USB Pass-through:
When using a USB pass-through, it draws its power from a desktop or laptop USB port so you donít have to worry about running out of battery power.  You can vape for as long as you want.