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SAVEURvape flavours come in 60ml bottles,
packaged in fully detailed box, and include a handy 15ml unicorn bottle!

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This single-flavor line from the creators of The Standard Vape features a Sweet vanilla pound cake infused with zesty blood orange. One taste and you’ll agree that it is indeed Best And Delicious.

SAVEURvape - Flantastico

Created in partnership with moderately notable vape curator and tastemaker Meriwether Morris, Flantastico captures the essence of traditional Mexican flan and marries it with exciting modern notes. Flan is a smooth and creamy base paired with subtle nuances like bourbon & orange zest

SAVEURvape - Whipped!

After spending years producing the finest cotton for flavor and cloud production, Native Wicks partnered with the creators of The Standard to release the perfect flavor to live up to their legendary cotton! Pineapple Whip is sure to please flavor & cloud chasers alike with this tart pineapple juice and sweet creamy vanilla ice cream float.