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3 Baccos 3 Bubbles 3 Strudels
Introducing PGVG Labs, purveyors of well-blended e-juices of superior quality.
These wickedly good flavours are fast becoming favourites in the shop!
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3 Baccos - Bogota (60ml)

Bogota is a prestige tobacco/cigar with a small touch of coffee from straight from Colombia. A perfect morning blend.
PG/VG 30/70

3 Baccos - Havana (60ml)

Havana is a tobacco/cigar with a hint of sweet tenderness. This juice will carry you in the clouds.
PG/VG 30/70

3 Baccos - Manila (60ml)

Manila is a well balanced and aromatic cigarillo featuring an Asian style vanilla. PG/VG 30/70

3 Strudels - Blueberry (60ml)

Combine light and flaky phyllo dough with the comforting warmth of blueberries for a truly divine dessert without the heavy flavour (or fat!) of traditional pastry.

PG/VG 30/70

3 Strudels - Nectarine (60ml)

Fresh nectarines lend an elegant flavour to this scrumptious strudel. Pairs perfectly with vapers that are looking for something different in a vape.

PG/VG 30/70

3 Strudels - Strawberry Rhubarb (60ml)

This strawberry rhubarb strudel recipe is a fun play on the classic southern summertime pie, making this a great everyday vape.

PG/VG 30/70

3BUBBLES - Vapobaba

This inspired joose has a wonderful sweet scent of green apple. commingled with the flavour of bubble gum, it is delicious and uniquely crafted for everyone to enjoy.
Max VG.

3BUBBLES - Vapolicious

A delicious pairing of rich bubble gum and sweet velvety melon, this joose is sure to invoke wonderful memories and dance your taste buds.
Max VG.

3BUBBLES - Vazooka

Vazooka has a strong esscence of bubble gum base. This flavor will undoubtedly unleash your inner child, connecting with that crazy passion that all of us have.
Max VG.

PGVG Labs - Mr. Kripeez

Mr.Kripeez came out with a recipe that will challenge any flavour chaser.
This revamped recipe is defined by vanilla from Madagascar, grilled marshmallow and a touch of Rice Krispies.
Max VG

Steep Vapors - Pop Deez

Watch a movie and enjuy this caramel flavoured popcorn!
This is a very unique flavour that will bring back a blast from your childhood.
Comes with a surprise!
Max VG.