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We introduced a new flavour chart, which shows most relevant sensory profiles and related intensity for the whole range of tobacco flavours.
We think it helps to sort out the best flavour for every user.
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Black Honey Tobacco captures the sweet, complex flavor of the finest pipe tobacco blends. Fans of Captain Black need look no further! Our newest blueberry is a very fresh and bright true blueberry taste.
Koolada (menthyl methyl lactate) is used specifically to give that "cold" feeling at the back of the mouth.
A tobacco flavor designed to provide a cigarette-like taste. This Turkish Tobacco, also referred to as 'Oriental Tobacco' is highly aromatic and lightly acidic A really wonderful all-around tobacco blend.
Strong Tobacco Cigar flavor with heavy characteristics of spice, woody, leather. Slightly sweet and dry. Stronger and more caramel type flavor than our original RY4! A rich, oaky tobacco with a smoky backtaste.
"Smooth" will round out any harsh edges and provide a thick, satisfying mouthfeel! RY4 Type flavouring - tobacco, caramel, vanilla. A very popular blend. This is a new tobacco flavor, that is more like a cigarette.
Slightly sweet and rich. Some compare it to a pipe or cigar tobacco. This is a very nice tobacco flavor, the closest that Perfumer's Arts offers to the real thing.